The Cannabird Vision

Cannabird Pty Ltd is dedicated to the cultivation of high grade organic hemp and medicinal cannabis products.

Cannabird's vision is to develop the full potential and long term sustainability of the hemp industry, and to cultivate and market high grade organic hemp and medicinal grade cannabis products for health and wellbeing benefits.

The complexity of the task ahead demands our due diligence in all aspects of business and relationship management - from the meticulous selection of cultivation sites to ensure the climate meets the specific needs for exceptional growth of plants, the attention to soils and quality of water for the world’s finest seeds to thrive in, the care taken during harvest, production and distribution, a zero waste approach to whole plant by-products, and an ethical marketing practice.

The Directors of Cannabird are driven by innovation, a partnership approach to promoting the industry, and the opportunity to be a strong driver in an emerging industry that will create economic benefits, employment as well as provide alternative and sustainable solutions for the construction industry, the healthcare sector, and other avant-garde industries.

Cannabird’s hemp cultivation and supply license allows for immediate commercial production and manufacture of hemp products (concentration of THC of no more than 1%). Based on exponential increase in demand for hemp products, growing consumer acceptance and government endorsement of medicinal cannabis products evidenced by recent legislative changes, Cannabird is well placed to become a significant market contender.

Although it is difficult to apply traditional forecasting models to this new industry, Cannabird is confident that marketing potentials will be increased by more consumer information and development of hemp as a consumer good, a strong and collegiate Australian industry to provide high quality products, and private and government investments in research to support medical claims - as already seems to be the trend in Australia and globally.