About us


Cannabird is an Australian company dedicated to the cultivation of high grade organic hemp, and to the development of products to make the most of the unique benefits of this plant.

Under our Low THC (under 1% THC strain) Cannabis Cultivation licence issued in 2015, we have grown several hemp strains on the NSW central coast in land rich in nutrients and certified as organic. Our harvest in May shows the incredible potential of the test strains grown in this crop. 

Cultivating our crop with a mix of traditional Japanese expertise and techniques and inspired innovation from the rapidly growing global market, we are passionate advocates for the incredibly versatile hemp plant and its seemingly unlimited potential in providing truly sustainable products.

While existing product opportunities for hemp in this country are already diverse – ranging from industrial strength building materials, highly nutritious food sources and dietary supplements – at Cannabird we are awaiting the results of independent laboratory testing before we invest in product research and development in itself.

We believe that by looking at the plant and the opportunities it presents in a different way to our competitors, while applying the same mix of Japanese tradition and global innovation that we apply to our cultivation to our products and processing, opportunities exist to create truly unique products that maximise the benefits of hemp. 

That, like the hemp plant itself, is truly exciting.